Miami Beach Centennial

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This year the City of Miami Beach is celebrating its 100th anniversary. From March 22nd – 26th the sands of South Beach will be filled with 100 hours of exciting events, highlighted by The Miami Beach Centennial Concert – an all-day music festival. It will be a celebration on a scale that our world famous destination has never witnessed before. The event will additionally provide an unprecedented platform from which our City will focus on protecting our spectacular marine and coastal ecology with an emphasis on climate change strategies for our future. As an ocean-side city with one of the most popular and celebrated beaches in the world – we believe 2015 is the year to celebrate both our illustrious past and also start the next 100 years by increasing awareness for a global climate initiative with Miami Beach leading the way.

We have engaged ACT Productions (Miami Beach) as our Executive Producer for this event. Bruce Orosz, president, and his team at ACT are developing a visionary event securing major acts in music and show business to participate – honoring the rich history Miami Beach has and continues to play in the music, art, film, theater and TV world for the last 100 years and going forward.

Our team is currently developing the biggest entertainment event in Miami Beach’s history which will feature the most significant iconic figures to have contributed to the fabric of the City.

We look forward to welcoming you to join our city and be a part of this historic series of events celebrating 100 years of our legacy.

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