What espresso machines do specialty coffee shops in Miami Beach use?

Well, the answer is quite simple ‘Commercial espresso machines’ 🙂 (just for laugh)

coffee shop in Miami BeachThe espresso offered by the specialty coffee shops in Miami Beach is remarkably good and its taste lingers in our mouth for so long. Have you ever thought what magical espresso machines they use that have the ability to prepare such a delicious espresso? Friends, don’t take stress as I am here to answer this question. The specialty coffee shops or Starbucks usually use the commercial espresso machines which have the ability to make the quality espresso within no time. As they are commercial espresso machines therefore, it is quite obvious they come with high price tags. There are countless brands of commercial espresso machines available in the market but only a few of them are really worth the money. Come and let us dive deeper into the features and functionalities of these magical espresso machines.

 La Marzocco - Best espresso machine available in the marketWell, the best espresso machine available in the market is the La Marzocco. Wow, what an interesting name!! This is an Italian maker of espresso machines which is quite popular for its top-quality products. It is in a league of its own when it comes to functionality, style and available customization of its commercial machines. It is hard to believe but this machine has the capacity to brew almost 50 to 100 cups of espresso in an hour, making it capable of handling the busiest coffee cafes. It has the pre-heated system that warms water even before it enters in the coffee boiler. It has the ability to extract the espresso and steaming milk at the same time with a very little temperature variance. The manufacturers of the La Marzocco put their thinking caps on and designed the machine by keeping the quality and consistency in mind. It is often said that if you wish to keep the customers coming back for more, then you have to make sure that your coffee is top notch. This machine is available in three styles i.e. auto volumetric, semi-auto and machine paddle. You can choose any one of them and take your coffee shop to the top.

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia IIAnother commercial espresso machine often used by the specialty coffee shops in Miami Beach is from Nuova Simonelli. Do you know that Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II is the only machine which is certified by European institute of ergonomics and psychology? This machine features the soft infusion system which guarantees a soft and creamy espresso shot every time. It has a reverse mirror which allows the barista to see the shot pour out without bending down under the group head and thus saves the time and effort. Whether you are opening your first café or have been in this business for years, Aurelia II is the only espresso machine that fits all the needs of your café. This ensures that espresso is consistent and of high-quality. Your customers will definitely come back if you serve the espresso extracted by this alluring and well-designed espresso machine. This machine is available in two styles i.e. semi-automatic and auto-volumetric. This machine has introduced four new features that will definitely be loved by all baristas. The four features are LED lights, milk light, reverse mirror, and cool-touch steam wands.

So, I think you have enjoyed the dive. Trust me friends, these two are the best commercial espresso machines which you can easily find in any of the specialty coffee shops. In order to give the tough competition to the best coffee shops, just purchase anyone of them and feel the difference.

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