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A Celebration Over a Century in the Making

Miami Beach Centennial: 100 Years… One Big 100-Hour Party

On March 26, 2015 Miami celebrated 100 years since the day the city was incorporated with a party to end all parties. This 100 hour celebration concluded with a FREE daylong music festival on beautiful Miami Beach.

The Festival

The Miami Beach, 100th birthday organizers hosted the Hard Rock Rising Miami Beach Global Music Festival 2015, on the golden sands of South Beach.

The epic celebration had an enormous, star-studded lineup, including: Andrea Bocelli, Barry Gibb, Gloria Estefan, Wyclef, Flo Rida, DJ Irie, Dave Mason, Jon Secada, Third World, Mariana Vega, Ky-Mani Marley, Cabas, Nicole Henry, Marlow Rosado, Fantine, Terrell Carter, Kēvens, Afrobeta, & many more of the world’s leading artists.

None of the artists were paid. Each and everyone one of them was there out of “love for Miami Beach and because they cared about climate change”, said Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine on the night.

Ocean Drive was closed off for the festival and for anyone familar with the normal Miami skyline, walking towards the beach to see the view of the Atlantic replaced with thousands of festival goers facing an enormous stage was a sight to behold.

With several hours of top quality music, spectacular fireworks and myriad celebrity cameos, to say the event was a success may well be the understatement of the century.

Watch the Recorded Live Stream on YouTube below

Some History

It wasn’t just music and partying for the 100 year celebrations however. All manner of cultural activities took place during those 100 hours of centennial appreciation.

There were fashion shows, mass weddings, and even food truck roundups to help feed the hungry crowds. There was also a celebration of local here Jackie Gleason with events taking place at his former ‘home’, the Fillmore Miami Beach.

The video below, (produced by Rakontur with a grant from the Knight Foundation for Miami Beach’s centennial birthday) named most appropriately “Miami Beach 100” looks into the evolution of the ‘Billion Dollar Sandbar’ and how it came to be.

Eye witness interviews plus unbefore seen footage make this a wonderful insight into the history of Miami Beach since 1915.

A look to the future

So you may well ask what is our mission now? The 100 year celebrations are over, it was an amazing experience for all that were there and the 200 year party is a long way off.

Well, Miami Beach 100 is a retrospective on that grand event, as well as a portal into what is happening now in Miami Beach and why it really is one of the greatest cities on earth.

Packed with reviews of latest venues, where to eat, and what to do when you visit this beautiful place; we aim to give the low down on how best to spend your time here, however long that may be.

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