5 Best Neighbourhoods to Stay in Miami

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When heading to Miami the decision of where to stay can be a tough one. There’s a number of beautiful neighbourhoods and to a certain extent, whether you wish to spend your days at the beach or are thinking more about the outstanding night life of Miami, will help determine where to book.

So without further delay, here’s our no nonsense guide on the top 5 places to stay in Miami.

South Beach

miami south beach

Everyone has heard of South Beach and most of those that have never been can still capture the image of the place in their minds from the various movies, TV shows and other areas of culture that the location has been represented through.

The imagination conjures a place of bright, white sands, beautiful people and lots of cocktails. And that is not far from the reality.

However, what you don’t always think about is how over run by tourists the area actually is. As Miami’s biggest tourism hub, visitors flock to South Beach is search of those stunning beaches and seemingly never ending sidewalk cafes, as well as the no-holds-barred nightlife that takes over after the sun goes down.

No longer so exclusive

That being said, this is no longer a neighbourhood that has seen a downside to it’s own fame. The trashy elements have been held at bay and the exclusivity has toned itself down.

What you are left is less pretentious. Now you will find stunning restaurants fit for fine-dining, alongside fun beach side bars with charasmatic local owners ready to offer you a free shot.

Miami Beach

miami beach view

Heading north up to Miami Beach is definitely worth doing. For too long the average tourist would get caught up in the fame and glamor of the more famous South Beach. They would fail to see what the rest of Miami’s golden coast has to offer.

However, head further than Lincoln Road on Miami Beach and you will see some of Miami’s most celebrated hotels as well as a whole list of excellent restaurants that you simply must visit if you are in town.

The great thing is that the you will certainly come across more locals too. And let’s face it, they will know best. If it’s good enough for them it should be good enough for you.

Some of Miami’s biggest events such as Art Basel happen in Mid-Beach. In fact, in 2019 most of the cities best parties happen outside the confines of South Beach, and further up the road.

Downtown Miami

downtown Miami

Downtown Miami has been transformed in recent years.

Back in the 1990’s, areas outside of the shopping and commerce districts were actually pretty dangerous.

Neighbourhoods that were once full of dark, seedy streets and empty warehouses have been turned into bustling areas of after-hours fun. They have also become cool residential neighbourhoods that attract Miami’s young professionals.

These developments give the visitor plenty of reason to book accommodation.

Party if you want, however the boom of people moving in has brought restaurants and other amenties that make for an enjoyable stay in Miami.


Brickell Miami

To say that Brickell is bustling is an understatement. The area has a new skyscraper cropping up on a seemingly weekly basis.

Don’t let that put you off however, (yes the sound of construction may meen you are up early however why would you lay in bed when you are on holiday in Miami?)

Walking along the streets here and you would be forgiven for thinking you were in Manhattan rather than Miami. The buildings do block out that wonderful Florida sunshine.

However, as Miami’s financial district and one of its fastest growing areas you stay here for a different kind of Miami experience. Everything here is new and shiny. It gives you an insight into how Miami is a city looking to the future.

The area is full of quality restaurants, hotels, bars and shops, and is a must visit neighbourhood for anyone on holiday in Miami.

Little Havana

little havana red car

No trip to Miami would be complete without at least a day spent in Little Havana. Better yet, why not book your accommodation there.

This is where you can get a real insight into Miami’s Cuban connections. The Latin area formed during the 1960s when a number of Cuban refugees escaped the Castro’s regime.

They brought their distinctive vibrant culture to the area, many of them starting businesses that are open to this day.

Experience wondeful cuban food, song and character as well as Little Havana’s original architecture. (Thanks to campaigning by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, many of the historic bungalows, Mission Revival blocks and oolitic limestone facades are being preserved).

Another must-see neighbourhood for anyone visiting Miami.

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