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Today we have rounded up 5 of the best skimboards currently available on and had some of our guys test them out in and around Miami beach.

There are some excellent waves this time of year and it’s a lot warmer than what you’re gonna get over in California too. (Biased much, us? What are you talking about?)

So without further delay, let’s get on with it. Here are our top pick skimboards for 2020.

1. EDITOR’S CHOICE: Fedmax Skimboard with Carbon Fiber Tips and Fiberglass Body Hybrid | with Traction Grip Set | Ultimate Tips Manual

Fedmax Skimboard with Carbon Fiber Tips and Fiberglass Body Hybrid | with Traction Grip Set | Ultimate Tips Manual (Blue, 52 in. (160lbs. to 220lbs.))

The Fedmax is our top pick because it combines superior build quality with a balance that makes it perfect for both beginner and intermediate users.

Sure, there are cheaper skimboards available, however, this mid-priced option does represent good value for money.

This Hybrid model from Fedmax is constructed from carbon fiber but also has a reinforced nose and tail. (If you’re a beginner, these are the areas that are going to take the most abuse).

The fact it is also a mid-sized board makes it great for family users too; both adults and children can get a lot out of it. (Be careful of the kids showing you up if you’re just starting to learn).

Overall, the Hybrid offers a lot of stability while being conveniently lightweight. The clever design also incorporates a 2.28 nose “rocker” height.

For those in the know, this will actually help prevent the board from nose-diving into the waves. The end result, you stay on the board for longer, with less effort. Now we can’t argue with that!

Another reason this skimboard is our top pick is that Fedmax includes a 3 Piece traction pad grip set with each board.

The quality of these is great. Made from EVA foam and long-lasting 3M Glue, you’ll get several seasons’ worth of use out of these before wear and tear take their hold.

And for anyone feeling confident, you also get an “Ultimate Tips & Tricks” guide with the board, (available via email). Once you’re gliding about the waves like an expert, you can try your hand at taking things to the next level following the tips inside.

Pros of the Fedmax Skimboard with Carbon Fiber Tips
  • A stable board designed for both beginners and intermediates
  • Mid-sized board to suit the whole family
  • Reinforced tip and tail
  • Good quality traction pad grip set included
The Cons
  • The gel coat is quite soft so expect markings in the surface after consistent use

Bottom Line

Overall, if you’re looking for a skimboard that will suit the whole family, no matter their skill level on the board, this offering from Fedmax is hard to beat.

Essentially, it is a skimboard that will stay with you as your skills develop. It also has the build quality to match. Our top choice for good reason.

2. Slapfish Skimboards – Red Fiberglass & Carbon with Traction Deck Grip

Slapfish Skimboards - Gray Fiberglass & Carbon with Traction Deck Grip - 4 Sizes - Kids & Adults - Beginner to Advanced - No Weight Limit Option

Another premium skimboard to make our top 5 is this offering from Slapfish.

There’s actually a range of sizes available on this board depending on your body size, (below we will explain which board you should opt for), but let’s take a look at the materials and construction quality first, as these apply to whichever size board you buy.

Being a major step up from the budget options reviewed below, Slapfish has gone for an American made Poly PVC core on this skimboard.

In layman’s terms, this means it is damn strong! The material is said to never gas out or delaminates like an EPS (styrofoam) core.

Furthermore, the board is constructed utilizing an interlocking fiberglass mat. Similar to our Editor’s Choice from Fedmax the board is built with nose and tail carbon fiber reinforcement.

As an extra barrier to wear and tear or collision-related damage, Slapfish has finished the board using a high-quality ultra-clear gloss resin. The result of this is an extremely tough seal that is both watertight and weatherproof.

You’d be forgiven to think that all this reinforcement and priority towards strength would make for a skimboard that is heavy and cumbersome.

We are happy to confirm that this is not the case here. At under 5 pounds, the Slapfish skimboard is easy to carry and has a wonderful balance on the water.

The board has a 21″ wide deck, providing a comfortable arm span as you focus and select your wave. The end result is a board that will have you looking better than you really are. 🙂 (we are joking of course, you are clearly a natural.)

So now to the various sized boards. It is important you select a length that reaches the top of the riders’ rib cage. This will help you with your balance and center of gravity.

With that in mind, here are your options:

  • 41” length – (Rider Weight Limit: 140 lbs.) Suitable for the smaller/beginner skimmer.
  • 48” length – (Rider Weight Limit: up to 200 lbs) Great skim potential. Longliners, smooth wave wraps, and 360 spins, etc
  • 50″ & 52″ length (No Weight Limit). For advanced performance, wave riding, airs, liners & more.

It is important to note that traction pads are also available on each of these boards.

Pros of the Slapfish Skimboard
  • Comes in various sizes for rider height and skill level
  • Extremely well built with resin seal
  • 21” wide deck for comfortable use
  • Lightweight and durable
The Cons
  • It is the most expensive skimboard in our top 5

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a board that is suited to your specific needs more than the universal approach our Editor’s Choice board takes, this offering from Slapfish could be the one for you.

It shares a similar premium approach to build quality, and will certainly last you out on the water for many seasons to come.

3. BEST BUDGET: BPS ‘Gator’ Skimboards with Colored EVA Grip Pad


Now we get to the first of the real budget skimboard options currently available on

The BPS Gator skimboard is our favorite in this regard because, despite the low price point, there is still a lot on offer here.

If you’re starting out or are looking for a new board for the family without reaching too far into your pocket, it is difficult to fault this skimboard.

For ease of use, it has a well-designed nose rocker to help with maneuverability. The board also features a Gator Grip layer of EVA foam, meaning child or adult will have a better time staying on the board as you catch a wave.

The built quality differs greatly from the premium options we have reviewed above. In this regard, BPS has opted for plywood construction with an epoxy coating.

The finish is obviously to help prevent water damage and breakage, however, plywood cannot hope to offer the same durability and longevity you would get from either the Slapfish or Fedmax boards.

However, BPS does provide a full guarantee for one year, so you have some peace of mind with that.

Another benefit is that the skimboard is very lightweight, an important attribute considering it is designed for both children and adults.

That being said, 3 sizes are available in order to cater for different sized users.

The guidelines are as follows:

  • 30” skimboard – Riders up to 80lbs
  • 35” skimboard – Riders between 80-150lbs
  • 40” skimboard – riders over 150 lbs.

Another nice touch is that GPS will email you once you have purchased your board, sending you an E-guide with easy-to-follow instructions on how to get the most of your board while on the water.

You’ll be semi-pro in no time at all!

Pros of the BPS 'Gator' Skimboard
  • Various sizes available
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to use with EVA grip
The Cons
  • Made from plywood

Bottom Line

At the low price-point, it is hard to go wrong with BPS Gator skimboard. It is a great introductory way of getting out onto the water and enjoying the sport.

However, if you are in it for the long haul, you may want to look at the more premium options that will stay with you as your skills grow.

4. Lucky Bums Wood Skimboard

Lucky Bums WA Wood Skim Board, 35-inch

Another good budget option that opts for a plywood construction to bring down the price-point is this skimboard from Lucky Bums.

Similar to our top budget pick from BPS, this has a high gloss coating to prevent water damage and breakage. Furthermore, the guys at Lucky Bums offer a limited warranty protecting the board against defects in materials or workmanship.

Ease of use is a priority too, (once again an expected requirement considering the board is designed as an entry-level option for both adults and kids), with the addition of the traditional rocker nose helping to prevent painful face plants.

That being said, the maneuverability of the board means that even veterans won’t be disappointed if they pick it up and have a slide.

The one size fits all board is 39” in length. However, there are various designs available from an aesthetic point of view.

To stand out on the beach (or sand dunes for that matter) you can opt for either the Clubs, Eagle, Manta Ray, Tatau, or Wave board prints.

Pros of the Lucky Bums Wood Skimboard
  • One size fits all versatility
  • Great entry-level board for adults or kids
  • Low price point
  • Various design finishes for a touch of style
The Cons
  • The fact it is made from plywood means you can’t expect this to last the long haul

Bottom Line

If the top budget pick from BPS doesn’t grab you, and you would prefer an all in one size fits all solution to your beginner skimboarding needs, the Lucky Bums board could well be for you.

It takes the thinking out of purchasing a skimboard and will see you well for such a low price point.

5. BEST SKIMBOARD PACKAGE: 42″ Fiberglass Wave Zone Edge Plus Board Bag and/or Traction Pad

Skimboard Package - Blue - 42" Fiberglass Wave Zone Edge Plus Board Bag and/or Traction Pad - for Riders up to 130 lbs ... (Board + Traction)

For anyone looking for a complete skimboard package, that includes a premium board with some great accessories, this is in our opinion, the best option on

The Wave Zone board itself is designed for both beginner and intermediate riders. The designers have opted for a mid-size approach to cater for the average user; this 42” option is suitable for riders up to 130 lbs in weight.

Overall, more float is on offer here when compared to a board aimed directly at the beginner. This lends itself to riders that wish to incorporate sand skimming, wave riding or shoreline tricks into their skimboarding day.

The board construction is more in line with that seen on the premium picks reviewed above, (i.e the Fedmax and the Slapfish).

The fiberglass build is complemented with a gel coating to increase longevity and a foam center for that all-important buoyancy. A nice touch is that it is fully constructed in the USA.

Note when looking at the pictures attached here, the boards are all handmade so the design you see in these images may vary slightly to the look and style of the board that you receive.

In our minds that not a bad thing, nothing like a little uniqueness to raise the bar on your skimboard.

And finally, we have the subject of what comes as part of the package. By choosing which accessories you want on the sales page, you can add Hammer Surf Traction elements as well as a Wave Zone Board Bag to your purchase.

While arguably you can go out and get these accessories for most boards that you buy, it is a convenient option to have them all there ready to include from the start.

Pros of the 42
  • Premium board for beginners or intermediate riders
  • One size fits all approach
  • Accessories such as board bag and surf traction pads can be included in the package
  • Handcrafted in the USA
The Cons
  • Scratch marks will appear in the finish pretty quickly, so don’t get too fond of the styling

Bottom Line

For anyone that likes the idea of having a unique board handcrafted in the USA, that also comes as a complete package should you need, this is the board to buy.

Suitable for beginner and intermediate riders this will last you many seasons out on the beach.

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